Metals, they are all around us and make our life comfortable. When products reach end of life they are collected for recycling but some also end up in our waste. When most metals are recovered a solid waste stream is left behind which still contain valuable metals like copper and precious metals. Some waste streams could contain more gold than the average gold mine. These waste streams end-up on a landfill or are used as building material. The company Urban Metals is dedicated to provide a solution to recover valuable metals from solid residues.

“Some waste streams contain more gold than the average gold mine

Urban Metals has expertise in wet processing of municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash (IBA), with a particular focus on heavy non-ferrous metal recovery. We are a one-stop-shop that can provide services ranging from the economic evaluation of material content to custom plant design and after-sales support. Urban Metals values short communication lines within the multidisciplinary team, understanding that direct involvement is key to project success. Our commitment lies in combining the insights gained from literature with practical, real-world applications to deliver innovative and custom solutions.

Worldwide, the annual generation of e-waste is rising by 2.6 million tonnes annually, on track to reach 82 million tonnes by 2030

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