Evaluation of your waste material will provide insight in its potential value, but will also be the basis for flowsheet design and plant design. Urban Metals offers services in sampling and laboratory testing.

Sampling consultancy:

Waste materials are very heterogeneous and composition can vary over time. Therefore the process of obtaining a representative sample goes beyond simply grabbing a scoop of material from a pile. A material with varying densities has a propensity for heterogeneity, and its composition may fluctuate over time. Next to that one needs to consider the statistical relevance of the sample, particularly for precious metals when dealing with concentrations measured in parts per million (ppm).

At Urban Metals, we recognize the significance of proper planning and precise execution in the sampling process. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop a tailored sample plan.

Laboratory testing:

Once a sample has been taken it can be processed in the laboratory of Urban Metals.

We offer:

  • Particle size distribution analysis
  • Ferrous metal separation
  • Evaluation of material response to gravity separation
    • High G force technology
    • Shaking table
  • Sample pulverization and preparation
  • Metallurgical testing of material
  • Elemental analysis

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